What NOT to Do in 2020?

Itamar Blauer Digital Marketer Don’t Create Irrelevant Content 2020 is almost here, but today I am going to tell you what you shouldn’t do in 2020 when it comes to SEO. And this is something that I see businesses doing so much, is putting out content on their websites, or on YouTube, on social media, […]

SEO: Catchall Redirects Are a Bad Practice

I recently learned a new phrase from a prospective client: “limbo page.” He used the term when describing his company’s migration to a new ecommerce platform. The company correctly mapped 301 redirects for many individual URLs. But it created a catchall redirect for the others. The catchall redirect pointed to a “limbo page.” The Oxford […]

How to Deal With a Negative Review Attack

One Sunday, as our church was holding our outdoor patio service, a hummingbird got stuck in the skylight in the roof. We all watched as the hummingbird kept flying back and forth across the skylight, struggling for open space. The poor hummingbird kept looking up and was unable to see his escape path a few […]

Google Muzzles ‘Self-serving’ Review Snippets

With a new algorithm, Google is determined to remove “self-serving” reviews from rich snippets in search results. Thankfully for ecommerce companies, traditional product reviews on product pages shouldn’t be affected. Google announced guidelines last week on the types of information that can trigger review rich-snippets and how to mark up reviews to qualify. Before I […]

SEO Tips When URLs Differ for Mobile and Desktop

If you still have a separate mobile ecommerce site, meaning that you have different URLs for mobile and desktop, your search engine optimization requires extra effort. Thanks to Google’s mobile-first index — which ranks your desktop and mobile sites based on signals from your mobile site — implementing special annotation metadata and redirects is more […]

SEO: That Blob of Text May Not Be Helping

Adding on-site text for search engines and not users could confuse algorithms and may amount to keyword stuffing, according to a Google spokesman. We have all seen it: an ecommerce category page with extensive text near the footer. This copy is displayed in a tiny font and meant to add unique content for search bots, […]

11 Steps to On-site Video SEO

Once you decide to invest in video, you still need to figure out how to get people to view and interact with it. That’s where search engine optimization comes into play. Follow these 11 steps to optimize your videos for organic search — to improve their ability to rank and drive views. 11 Steps to […]

Perspectives: Find your audience on digital and storytell with data

With so many fascinating tales to tell, Netflix aims to ignite conversations across Asia that will get consumers excited about the content on its platform. Find out how it uses data to do so. Everyone loves a good story. And that really is the business in which Netflix is thriving — showcasing stories people around […]

4 mobile page speed wins to discuss with your developer, starting with images

Editor’s note: A version of this article previously appeared on Think with Google Nordics & Benelux. It addresses the importance of mobile design for both global and local brands. In most marketing organizations, mobile speed for the brand’s website isn’t always at the top of the priority list. In fact, you may believe it’s more […]

Programmatic insights from across APAC

We’ve seen a growing number of brands in APAC tap into programmatic technology to navigate an increasingly complex advertising landscape. Here, leading marketers and brands across the region share their successes and strategies for using programmatic to inspire growth and drive results. As we approach the start of Q2, no doubt your 2019 plans and […]